The Group

The Circo Teatro Musical Furunfunfum appeared in 1991. It is called circus because it can be performed anywhere, in every type of space, it is called theatre because the dramatic playing is its main objective and it is musical because live music is its most remarkable characteristic. Created by a couple of actors and musicians, Marcelo and Paula Zurawski, the group makes use of a variety of techniques and theatrical styles in its performances : music, singing, puppet handling and Commedia dell'arte are some of them.

Following on the strolling players tradition, Furunfunfum can perform at theatres, schools, fairgrounds, public squares, kindergartens, feasts and wherever there is a public ready to share the emotions of a theatrical event.

The group finds its inspiration mainly in the popular culture from Brazil as well as from other countries, performances try to offer to the people from big cities an opportunity to enter this rich universe. Having said that, Furunfunfum understands "popular culture" not as something merely "folk", fossilised , but as something whose vital strength is as big as the pressure it faces everyday.

Furunfunfum has been representing Brazil in some international festivals of theatre. In 1996, the group performed in the International Festival of Animation Theatre - SESC (Brazil). In the XVII Festival de Títeres de Tolosa (Spain, 1999) Furunfunfum was chosen by a jury formed by children as one of the three best spectacles of that year's edition of the festival. In the same year, the group participated of the XII Festival Internacional de Títeres de Alicante (Spain). Furunfunfum was also in Festival Internacional de Títeres La Fanfarria and Festival Internacional de Teatro de Manizales (Colombia, 2000).

From November, 15 to December, 12 Furunfunfum was in Venezuela representing Brazil in the XVII Festival de Teatro del Occidente (Festival of Theatre of the West) and in the V Bienal Iberoamericana Itinerante de Teatro de Muñecos (V Ibero-american Strollling Bienal of Puppet Theatre).

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Circo Teatro Musical Furunfunfum
Marcelo and Paula Zurawski
phone/fax: 55 11 3819-4612
Rua Girassol, 1048 ap.12
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