The Artists

Marcelo Zurawski

Marcelo Zurawski is 40 years old. Flute and saxophone are his main instruments, but he also plays the piano and the guitar. As well as that, he works in the electronic music field and in Acoustics researches. Since 1980 he has worked as a musician, actor, composer and musical director in many shows and theatrical performances. Today, besides his work with Furunfunfum, he also takes part in Banda Palhaçal and Grupo Pasárgada.

Among his last works are Cadê meu Herói? e O Anjo e a Princesa, with Grupo Sobrevento, and A Troco de Nada, by Ednaldo Freire

Paula Zurawski

Paula Zurawski is 36 years old. She is an actress and a singer, and she also plays the piano and the guitar. She has studied Theatre at Escola de Comunicações e Artes da Universidade de São Paulo - ( ECA - USP). Since 1982, she has performed in many musical and theatrical spectacles.

In addition to theatre work, she teaches Drama and Music to children at Escola Logos, in São Paulo. She also works in projects of pedagogic improvement in Education. She wrote the National Curriculum Reference in Child Education (RCNEI - 1999) concerning Movement, a document from the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture.